Hormonal Health Training

hormonal health training

Looking and feeling hot with hormonal health training! And, I’m not talking hot flashes!

Hormonal health training is a complex puzzle. Not only are there hundreds of puzzle pieces, but the puzzle changes almost constantly and one puzzle piece’s stability is dependent on another piece. And so on, and so on.

It is a confusing and complex issue that we are just beginning to understand. What we do know is that its effects on our health reach every square inch of our bodies, and hormonal health training is key to weight loss for both men and women. For women this can be especially tricky while in pregnancy, pre-menopause or full on, hot flash menopause.

But, lets take a deep breath and start with one of the big, heavy hitters, Insulin. We must team up with this hormone to balance our blood sugar levels.

Insulin is crucial in respect to hormonal health training.

This little hormone is a life saving one, as are most, and without it we would basically be poisoned by sugars and the food that we turn into sugar. Without Insulin we could not survive, so lets give this hormone a little love.

Insulin’s job is to help turn our blood sugar into instant energy (glycogen) or future energy (fat). We might feel a bit of animosity toward Insulin, due to its ease of creating future energy all around our tummies. But when we balance our hormones, this life saving converter helps us maintain a comfortable weight and a healthy body.

Hormonal health training begins with our nutrition.

The greatest indicator of what our “wellness” puzzle will look like is by what we put in our bodies. Food is a large factor and can be easily transformed with an open mind and a willingness to change.

The food industry has been telling us to eat low fat, low calorie, processed foods for over 40 years. Unfortunately we have taken this advice to heart and the result has been devastating. We are sicker, fatter, and riddled with health issues due to this false information. We have been told that we can eat food that has been rolled, pressed, cooked, bleached, colored, preserved and wrapped for shelf life and still have our health and wellness in check.

This is not true!

With hormonal health training you will learn how to eat real, fresh, whole, and delicious foods that will decrease cravings, hunger, mood swings, fatigue and all while balancing your blood sugar and your HORMONES! It is life saving, life changing news.

This training changed my life.

I know personally how the change can effect weight management. Through my own hormonal health training, I have lost 20LBS without changing my exercise, well actually my exercise has changed, I workout less! Coming from a Personal Trainer that may sound odd, but it is true.

I was always trying to match my calories in with my calories out. It was a losing battle and one that created an unhealthy relationship with food. Almost as if the high calorie, high fat foods were the enemy and I was at their mercy. Now, high calorie means high energy and high fat means high satisfaction. When we eat these foods we are full of energy and we are satisfied, hence feeling better and craving less.

Hormonal health training is the key to living a life full of energy, vitality and wellbeing. Without it, we will continue to struggle with managing our weight and dodging disease.

What will it do for you?

While working with Be4 Fitness towards better hormonal health we will take a deeper look at all the factors that can influence this delicate balance. We will talk about nutrition, rest, exercise and mindfulness. We will discuss the MicroBiome and its relationship to managing your weight and your mental wellbeing. We will create recipes that will taste great and satisfy your likes. We will do this one step at a time, one session at a time, at your speed until you feel confident in a new way to eat and move.

There are no one-size fits all answers to training, anymore than there is one exercise plan that meets everyone’s needs. We are all made perfectly unique and I look forward to creating an individualized plan that will help you reach your health, wellness and fitness goals.

Until then: Be Strong, Be Active, Be Mindful and Be In the Moment wherever you are in your life.