Our Services

As your personal trainer the first thing we will do is sit down together and have an in-depth consultation. We will talk about your health goals, your experience with fitness as well as your nutrition and self care habits.

From there we will together create a workout plan that you can easily follow. You won’t need to buy equipment, we will use what you have and a lot of creativity. After all these years working in-home, I consider myself the MacGyver of home fitness. I can be crazy creative!

We will also make a small step plan for your nutrition. I will provide you with the knowledge, support and accountability to reach your goals faster and safer than you could by going at it alone.

The consultation is always no charge. So, at the very least you will receive some free advice!

As a personal trainer I have heard my clients say, almost without exception, “I wish I would have done this sooner.”

Don’t wait, lets get started! Email me today!

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