Nutritional Advice

I know some people might go to this page looking for their missing link so to speak. The aha sentence that makes all the previous struggles and attempts at modifying nutrition and habits crystal clear. Sorry, I don’t have it.

What I do have is experience. Both personal and professional that gives me perspective on how we shape the changes to your nutrition. WE start with the Be4Fitness food log. I know, it’s not always easy but with this information, we both will see deficiencies and patterns that point us to the next reasonable step. I haven’t yet had a client that I couldn’t help.

My approach is always small calculated changes, made over time, compounded withOUT great struggle. This will create lasting change and success. What works for one client might not work for you but we will find the balance together. It might be Keto-ish. It might be adjusting portions and adding fiber. It could be occasional intermittent fasting. It could even be a few cooking classes at your home to find ways to prep, assemble and present easy meals to your family. We can find your best nutrition plan together.

I don’t “push” I point. You tell me what worked and what didn’t and we adjust from there. You set the pace, I keep you moving.