Tammy Meyer

Tammy Meyer, CLC, CPCC, CPT is the Purpose-Clarity Life Coach for women eagerly searching for a little something to call their own amidst a demanding lifestyle.

Since 2010, her coaching, speaking, and workshops, for individuals and groups, has inspired women to make themselves a priority in their own lives, guilt-free, without feeling conflicted about taking time away from the many roles they fulfill.

Her clients seek her coaching when they can’t see the next step, when they feel uncertain, when they find themselves at a place of transformation, even if the new beginning they are navigating is planned; or even if they find themselves at an unfamiliar place in life, somewhere they never thought they would be. When her clients feel like they’re doing so much,
but not doing it well, when they feel exhausted, with no energy left for themselves at the end of the day, they reach out to Tammy.

Her clients have called her a peaceful source of guiding support because of her experienced ability to listen, to give supportive accountability, and to get results.

Tammy believes when we take responsibility for ourselves and our choices, there isn’t anything we can’t create in our life. Most of her clients are eager to learn what their personal values truly are, they feel a new freedom once they’ve identified their energy gainers and energy drainers, and they feel the supportive, judgement-free space to speak their mind and get their thoughts out. Once spoken aloud, simply voicing their thoughts, ideas, concerns, frustrations, hopes and dreams, helps her clients feel 10 lbs lighter, refreshed and eager to move forward.

Tammy earned Bachelor’s degrees in Organizational Leadership & Exercise Science. She also holds six different fitness, nutrition & yoga certifications. Prior to coaching, Tammy exclusively worked with clients as a Personal Trainer & Yoga instructor for over 10 years. She now exclusively works as a Certified Purpose Clarity Coach, with a few personal training and yoga clients by appointment.

When Tammy’s not coaching, training or speaking, she and her husband are enjoying life on Oahu, through the eyes and wonder of their 4-year-old son.

Tammy Meyer
Certified Life Coach, ILCT
Certified Purpose Clarity Coach, ILCT
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
Certified Exercise Physiologist, ACSM
Certified Yoga Teacher, YogaFit
Email: tammymeyerlifecoach@gmail.com