Wellness 180

Wellness 180

Turn your health around and make a 180!

Be4Fitness has created a comprehensive program for you to make true and lasting changes in your fitness, nutrition, and your personal life.

Our Wellness 180 program consists of three total one-on-one session with two health professionals, both specializing in a critical facet of your well being. You can use your three sessions however you choose. Split them or use all three with one coach. The Wellness 180 program is the ideal way to start off the New Year, or mid year, or tomorrow!

Contact me to find out more about how you can give your life a 180 and accelerate in a positive direction!

Lisa Miller, Certified Personal Trainer, will meet you in your home and create a customized work out plan to meet your goals. With 20 years of experience, she has a lot to share. Her creativity allows her to develop a program with little or no home exercise equipment. She will also share important information regarding nutrition that can truly impact your long term health.

Tammy Meyer, Certified Life Coach, will consult with you via the phone. She will help you stop living out of habit and start living with intention! Life is full of choices. Discover the areas where you are thriving and where you’re surviving. This is the best way to help you stick with your new Wellness 180 health plan.