Why Should Women Perform Strength Training at Home?


Strength training is a great way to stay fit—it keeps your muscles toned, reduces blood pressure, helps improve cholesterol, increases metabolism, shapes your body and makes it easier to do all those physical tasks you have to deal with every day. After all, it’s much easier to chase after two kids or lift heavy boxes after working out with your heavy kettle bell.

But who has time to go to the gym these days?

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re running around trying to do five things at once as it is. With any combination of work, family, after-school activities, volunteer work, and sleep (which always seems to get left out), how in the world are you going to fit gym time in there?

Stop Wasting Time

The answer is pretty simple: stop going to the gym! Wait, what? Think about it. How much time do you lose by driving to the gym, changing into your workout clothes, doing your strength training, showering, and then driving home? All that time not spent exercising is time that you could spend caring for your family and yourself. If your gym is only five minutes away, you might not think you’re wasting that much time, but what if it’s 15? Now your round trip is a waste of 30 precious minutes!

Train at Home

But don’t stop your training. Strength training for women is very important because of all the benefits it offers. Instead of going to the gym for this type of exercise, though, how about working with an in-home personal trainer? This is the perfect solution! You don’t have to drive anywhere, so you get that extra transit time back in your pocket. You don’t necessarily have to change clothes, and you can shower in your own shower, which is definitely cleaner than the facilities at the gym.

It’s Personalized

There’s no one-size-fits-all strength training exercise. Everyone’s body is different, and you need a training regime that fits your body, abilities and your lifestyle. You need a trainer who understands what you want and need. Your age and overall health have to factor into your training as well. If you’re older, deconditioned or just starting out, the exercises and the weights should be carefully chosen. Too much too soon equals injury and burnout. That won’t help mama or her family!

You’re on Your Turf

Just like in a basketball game, being on your home field has advantages. You’ll be more relaxed at home. There won’t be any strange guys leering at you (unless your husband’s around), and you can take a break whenever you want. Now, you might need to move some furniture so that you’ve got room to do some of the exercises, but just think of that as another part of the warm up to your strength training.

So, now instead of driving to the gym, you can scratch off a task from your never ending to do at home list until your trainer arrives. You don’t need to change—wear pajamas! You’re in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Once your session is over, you can shower without fear of getting cooties or whatever else is living in the health club shower. Think about how much time you can save and how much more comfortable you’ll be training in your own home. So go for it—call me to get your at-home strength-training journey started today.