Eat chocolate, lose weight.

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Do you want to control your weight? Then eat high quality, high cocoa chocolate! Studies have shown that eating high cocoa chocolate is associated with weight loss in adults and adolescents. Keep in mind that it is more about a little chocolate everyday, a square or two.

Here are a few reasons why:
The healthy fat and polyphenols in 70% cocoa chocolate can bring great satisfaction or satiety. This feeling can bring a calm and peace to your day and keep you from overeating.

The polyphenols can also increase energy levels, therefore you have greater resistance to fatigue! This can translate into more energy to workout!

This is what I do. I keep a high cocoa, high quality chocolate bar in my refrigerator. After a meal I break off a square and let it melt in my mouth (don’t chew it). This ritual takes time and it becomes a way to relax. I also use raw, organic Cocao in a few favorite recipes. One of which is a healthy pudding. The difference between cocoa and cocao is this: Cocao is the unprocessed form of the cocao plant’s pod. It has numerous health benefits that regular cocoa will not posses.

So, eat little a good chocolate everyday!

Till next time, Be Strong, Active Mindful and in the Moment